**Scheduling when having babies**

Hi Brooke –

I had a quick question related to scheduling time on my calendar and having that schedule be interrupted by babies. I have a 6 month old and there are times where his schedule does not align with what I had “planned” on my own schedule (as every new mom can relate to, I’m sure). How do you recommend working around this?

Also – I am currently working full time (8am-5pm) and when I get home I have ~90 minutes to spend with him (after the commute) .. so I’d like to be present with him during that time. That leaves me with ~90 minutes to work on myself/ other things I’d like to accomplish until it’s bedtime. Is this enough time – in your opinion – to make a difference? Or where would you suggest that I pick up extra minutes/hours in the day? Do you recommend using some time at work to do these things (i.e. lunch time)? Weekends? I’m struggling with balancing it all — spending time with my son and/or husband, working full time, exercising, then working on myself…

Thanks for the feedback!