Scheduling with a baby

Hi Scholars Coach!

I am filling out the “How to Get it Done” workbook and my 30-day goal is to complete an online Life Coaching Certification Program (not at LCS – that is my goal for next year) and to practice what I’m learning by coaching two clients for free (friends & family members at this stage).

I am on the page ‘Schedule on the Calendar’ and I am curious about any wisdom you could offer for scheduling with an 8 month old baby. I have already listed my obstacles and strategies. Some examples:

My son needs me at unpredictable times.
Sometimes I can’t predict how long breastfeeding him or getting him to sleep will take.
He is going through a developmental leap now and needs me more than before.
I spend a lot of time cooking for him.

I will wake up at 6:30am each day to do 20 minutes of yoga and 1.5 hours of my coaching course before my son wakes up. Some days he might wake up early too and I choose to be present with him and try to coordinate with my husband to mind him at another point in the day, so that I can get the work done.

I choose to cook fresh, wholesome food for my son and family and to enjoy the process of meal planning/shopping and cooking. I will bring my son into the kitchen before mealtimes and talk to him about the food I am preparing. I will plan and batch cook 2 x per week and listen to coaching calls when I do it. This will create more time in my day that I can put towards my goal.

I will pay attention to thoughts like “this is so hard” “I am doing this all on my own” “I just wish I had more help” “I wish my parents were around to pop over” as I know they cultivate victim mindset behavior. Instead, I will remember that “I’ve got this” and I am choosing to take this approach with my son’s food journey.

Going back to my question about “scheduling,” there are some things that I can schedule into my diary, i.e. waking up at 6:30am, but it is true that my son wakes at different times each day. Sometimes at 7am, sometimes at 8:30, sometimes at 9am! Sometimes he naps at 10:30am, sometimes he doesn’t, etc. At the moment, with this developmental leap he is going through separation anxiety and if I am not with him and paying him attention he cries and cries and cries, but it is only at some points in the day!

Should I just schedule the things that I can? The early morning wake ups, the time I prepare dinner, the 20 minutes when I do my Thought Downloads?

Thank you for your time 🙂