Scheduling Your Work Ah-Ha…

Yowza! So I originally tried to schedule my work per your instructions on a paper planner. I would do MAYBE 2 or 3 days – and my thinking about it was “it’s awkard and awful” – so I stopped doing it. And I indulged in confusion and busy-ness.

But recently, I’ve been practicing the thought “I am a 7-Figure Life Coach” and realized I should have a digital calendar system to schedule my work, like 9-Figure Life Coach, Brooke Castillo. 🙂 So I found and mastered Google Calendar – and OMG… I just implemented your schedule work/rest concept – and it’s made me hyper-productive. I get so much more done – and scheduling times for things has created a real URGENCY (and excitement) in my work. I’m crankin’ out results – and having fun, too. No longer lost or feeling time is “getting away from me”. It can’t “get away”! I now can see it all, right there, on the calendar – and where it all goes. And that pesky question – “But how will I know how much time something takes”. Hmmm… It’s funny how when I start to plan, I kind of already KNOW how much time things take – and the urgency pushes me to get it done WITHIN that time – instead of dawdling and messing around. Sometimes I earn time back – which is fun, too! It’s all good! And THIS 7-Figure Life Coach is 10X’ing the building of my business – which is way cool!

I just wanted to say… I finally, finally get the power of scheduling your work. Implementing it (and my thoughts about it) have already made my work, rest, and days so much more fulfilling and fun! Love, love, loving it. Just wanted to say “Thank You” for continuing to repeat what works – so it has time to seep in. 😉