My 27 year old niece has been diagnosed with Schizophrenia for about 3 years now. She is beautiful inside and out and never done drugs ect., just stress and life overwhelmed to point of breakdown. She is a people pleaser since childhood and doesn’t like conflict. Her Mom of course loves her but has a very abrasive personality. She is more of a dictator and critic rather that soft and encouraging. She often says things that crush my niece and then my niece has the thought that she is not good enough and nothing she does is good enough because her mom is never shows thanks or joy there is just always more work to be done. They live on a farm and my niece can not move out, she is mentally not able to cope with the anxiety she suffers from to be out on her own. She is on medication and does see a therapist like once every 3 months and she goes with her mom in the room and she doesn’t really like the therapist. I am trying to get her to stop trying to be a people pleaser when her mom is just being critical and unreasonable. It’s such a hard combination of personalities that my neice is gentle and sweet and soft spoken and loves to laugh and help people and is a hard worker and cleans and does chores daily and her mom is just a completely different personality. Do you have some thought models I can help her with for loving her mom like she is and not meaning that she herself is not good enough and for her to stop people pleasing?? I hope I have worded this question ok, it’s so hard to see how her mom’s attitude and words hold my niece back from being whole because unfortunately at this time she needs her mom and is home with her 24/7 she is on disability and can’t drive or work. I do know her mom loves her. Help please!