Scholars and creating my own business

I just started the scholars and I am happy 🙂 thank you so much.

I am having confusion in my life currently :
– with my bf
– new job : management issues
– starting my own business
– parents that I should take care of

That’s why I am doing scholars, to have a clearer mind 🙂
I know that you suggest starting one goal at a time. Does this mean I should focus only on scholars and working at the same time and putting aside my business?

Or can I work, do the scholars and try to launch my business at the same time? Or at least do the scholars and work on my business at the same time

– C ?
– T Can I manage all this together? Not sure
– F Confused
– A Start a bit here and a bit there
-R Nothing accomplished

Intentional model (Starting with T)
– C : Life plenty of ideas (not sure about the C line)
– T : I have brilliant ideas, I can manage all that
– F : enthusiasm
– A : own my time and start working on each of my topics
– R : Success

Thanks a lot.