Scholars and Money

Hi Brooke!!!
I just have to start with how much I admire you and what you do for us (your listeners, students, etc.). My question for you is about money. I always think of money with a scarcity mindset and REALLY need to break it. I just joined this month and am focusing on August’s monthly work which of course is finding your purpose. I am loving it of and I have a sentence that I speak out loud daily which is awesome. I feel that August’s work is exactly where I need to be right now; however, I have absolutely no plan to quit scholars and am having trouble wrapping my mind around the money issue. I am a hairstylist who is rebuilding a clientele and do not have any savings, but I don’t want to think about not having enough money to pay my way through life right now which includes scholars. I want to keep doing the August work but want to shift my mindset around affording this program because I know scholars will get me where I want to be in my life. Should I do the money workshop as well as the August work? Or is that too much? Thanks so much Brooke! Sincerely, Melanie