Scholars or LCS coaches near me

Hi there, I have had this longing for some time now, but always postponed asking. Feeling part of a community and sharing each other’s progress or opinions feels very important to me when it comes to the work we are doing here. All the work I have been doing with LCS represents a good chunk of my life, both in terms of time, dedication, emotions, and interests.

I am sharing this journey with lots of other scholars for sure, but this only happens virtually through zoom. So I quite often feel the desire to connect in person with someone else who is into this type of work. Just to share thoughts, some conversations from time to time. It feels strange to share so much with people over the internet that I do not share with the people I interact with in person.

For this reason, I would like to ask you if there is anything like a Facebook group or a notice board where I can leave a message asking if people want to reach out. I am living in Brussels, in Belgium, which is not huge but still a capital and I would not be surprised if there were other LCS people living in my city. Other than asking you, I would not know how to find them so I would be grateful if you offered me the chance to meet someone!