School book fair

My daughter is 6. She goes to a small primary school, total students in the whole school is 100.

I have 2 unintentional models.
C- School is doing book fair
T- I don’t like the school getting money by teaching the kids to buy things. (the school gets a percentage of the sale)
F- Resistance
A- I was not excited to fill in the book form. I asked daughter to get it from my work bag. Then she took it from the passport folder (which does look similar to my work folder). And I scolded her “why did you take it from this bag” and thinking that she was useless. And I was eating a full bag of rice crackers
R- I am not building relationship with my daughter

C- Book fair
T- this is a waste of money
F- anger
A- I tried to reason with daughter to not buy it. And thinking that she is useless and that she is wasting money
R- I am not building relationship with my daughter

The result I want is to build relationship with my daughter. I tried on a few other thoughts like I am helping the school getting more funding to give better education to my daughter – but this doesn’t work. I would rather just pay more school fees rather than doing book fair

C- Book fair
T- I can spend this money to buy things to do with my daughter
F- Excited
A- Happily buying things that she wants.
R- I am building relationship with my daughter