school closures model

I’m feeling really frustrated and angry about the recent school closures with short notice. I’m mostly mad about the decisions from the leadership and the short notice they’re giving parents. My thought is that this could have been handled much better — and also — they should have made different (better) decisions.

I’m also frustrated that I’m having really similar thoughts/models to ones that I had two years ago… at the start of Covid.

On one hand I want to accept the reality of what is.

And that there are people in my life (businesses, schools, city government) that will make decisions that I don’t agree with.

But, I’m also just really annoyed and frustrated.

I would anticipate that I’m going to have similar occurrences again in the future where this happens.

And, it seems like it would be more helpful not to have such a big, negative reaction each time.

Yet, I do.