Scope of Impossible Goal.

I decided on making $100,000 as my impossible goal for 2018. I have always loved business and money but have never really made much money or started businesses because of fears.

I felt good about my goal but I am currently in a challenge with cancer and during thought downloads I kept coming back to making beating cancer as my impossible goal.

I thought of making the goal “beat cancer while making 100k.” While this sounded impossible it wasn’t sitting right with me.

1) It really sounds like their are two goals there. When (or if) can you combine results?
2) I feel like I have to have beating cancer as my top priority right now even if this isn’t what I really want to pick.
3) I really don’t want to call beating cancer “impossible.” Yes, I want to grow, but I need to beat this. Is it then just a regular goal? Should I still have an impossible goal? I don’t want to take away from my health concerns. I am doing a lot of holistic work and it takes time, energy and money.

After some time I came up with, “Make 5k a month by helping myself and others cure their cancer.”

Still not sure if I should call it “impossible.” Or should I call it BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal)?

Dave Humphreys