Scroll Free

I did 2 models on scrolling social media and reading the news— something I don’t want to do anymore with the exception of 1x planned per week.

I associate so much pain with this habit at this point that I really don’t think I’ll go back and I have a plan to keep an urge log moving forward for when I am tempted to scroll. Let me know if you think I am on the right track and what you’d suggest for me.

Unintentional model:
C: Spent over 8 hours last week and 30 mins this morning scrolling and reading news
T: I am so disgusted I’ve wasted this time instead of putting it towards my business
F: disappointment
A: judge myself and say I am never going to do it again
Feel guilty and want to forgive myself and stay over
Feel guilty for having a pool date today with my mom because I wasted time so I feel like I have to work now
Not answering my team/clients as quickly due to the tone being directed elsewhere
Not developing my relationships with my friends because I punished myself for the wasted time
R: Time not being directed to what’s most important to me: business/relationships.

Intentional Model;
C: Same as above
T: this is a powerful re-enforcer why I am choosing to be scroll free with the expecting of one planned time per week
F: Driven
A: Started an urge log in my phone to log when I get tempted to scroll and I can train myself to allow the urge
Posting a model here for support
Turned off notifications for snap chat
Answering my team this morning instead of scrolling more
R: I am Going to go “scroll free” for longer than ever than I have in months and invest that time in my business and relationships.