Hi there, I am having some kind of pity party for myself. The best way to describe my emotion is apathetic. I feel like I have been writing eating plans, keeping to them, no weight loss for about 3 weeks and my brain is just like give up. I am also frustrated because I feel like instead of enjoying the holiday season I am stuck in overwhelm. I am blaming my husband for doing nothing. He has no clue how many gifts we have for the kids, hasn’t wrapped anything or moved the elves…my brain can go on. I also started to notice that no one at dinner even asks me how my day was although I make it a point to ask them how their day has been. Can you see how I am just building a case for me to be miserable. I know that there are 3 different things here-disappointment in my weight, overwhelm with Christmas, frustration with my husband and family. Any help is appreciated.