Hi Brooke–This is my first month in SCS. I need and desire to lose weight but that is not the primary reason I joined–which was help with work and personal relationships. Well, I set a weight loss goal anyway even though I was waffling about it. I’m just feeling “meh” about it. I”m not really staying on my (fuzzy) protocol although I am having some wins. But when I listen to podcasts/calls/AB questions about SO my brain generates thoughts like “this is boring, this doesn’t apply to me, I don’t need this particular aspect of SO” etc. I can barely finish listening….but with all your other videos I’m totally sucked into it and hate when they end. One day I was listening to the Stop Overdrinking videos [even though I’ve been 100% alcohol free for more than 26 years–and I stopped that cold turkey, like flipping a switch!]. Strangely, the overdrinking videos seemed more relevant and engaging to me. The description of the problem and the strategies in stop overdrinking seemed more relevant and applicable to me than the overeating material.
Just curious to hear what you think my rebellious brain is up to. Is it better to start SCS working on your most challenging issue–or–your most passionate issue?
C–stop overeating content
T–this is so boring
A–listen to other content
R–very little progress in overeating

The T could also be worded as—I don’t want to do ALL of the strategies and I can’t figure out which ones will work for me