SCS and Lasik

I know this may be trivial for some, but I do want to share that our work here took me through the river of misery because I had a compelling reason!

I had my Lasik procedure today after 9 days of continuously wearing glasses (which I hated). I have been very nearsighted since I was 10, and relied heavily on contacts and glasses. Today, after being disciplined, and accepting of the protocol (wearing glasses), I went through the procedure that pretty much changed my life. I have new eyes!

It helped so much to do the model at the beginning of all of this (did I tell you that my decision to go ahead with Lasik was part of my Dare of the month back a couple of months ago?). I accepted instead of resisted (feeling). I had a compelling reason. I showed up (action), followed through… and here I am at the RESULT.

So good, Brooke.

While I was in discomfort after the procedure (physically), I brought up my super power, Sam. She kicked ass.

Now… what else can I do?! 🙂

Thank you.