SCS POEM – continued….

Brooke, I am so glad you liked my poem about the SCS! I’m truly flattered. And I have this great idea and a proposition for you!
Would you consider using it as a copy in your SCS and/or The Life Coach School in general?
In such instant you could acquire exclusive rights to the text and if necessary ask for amendments in it.
All my texts are custom made and unless stated otherwise cannot be reused for other customers.
There are other options to choose from. A text can be accompanied by a photo. All photos can be rights reserved.
My technique is unique. All photographs are double exposures composed directly in the camera.
I work with digital and film. Photographs without text are also possible.
I take personalization to the next level whether it is your company, your greeting card, your … you name it!
I make you interior and your business understand you and your home truly yours.
If you would like all your texts to be life changing and all photography around you speaking to your heart, I’m glad we have met.
Custom written, custom taken, customize for you exclusively. Please let me know if it resonates with you. It would be an honour and a pleasure to work with you and become a part of your amazing projects.
All the best,