SCS Progress and model question

As a previous question, I feel that I haven’t progressed much since joining SCS for the past two months.
I feel that there are many areas that are linked and want to coach myself on. However, I’m unsure what the best sequence should be as I know it’s hard to look at multiple issues at once. For example, I am considering career change. This months I want to work managing my mind, confidence with my new career direction, and work on new belief for the new career. I am also interested in working on relationship because that’s something in my mind a lot with everyday encounter with my husband and child. So, I wonder if I could look at a few courses in the Study Vault at the same time rather than focusing on one each month?

I was hoping to plan out SCS for this year, and it involves looking at a few areas each month. Below are a couple models from while I was doing my planning.

Initial model:
C: Plans for SCS
T: I might have been too ambitious with my plans
F: Uncertain about my plans

A: Not acting with confidence with my plans
R: Might not achieve desired coaching goals

Intentional Model:
C: Plans for SCS
T: I can tailor SCS courses to suit my needs so they work for me
F: Confident with my plans
A: Coach as planned
R: Be able to utilize SCS tools and progress

Do the above models look okay?