SCS sometimes causes me to buffer

I’ve recently been revisiting the Stop Overdrinking course because I’ve fallen back into my old ways a bit. I noticed that when I start listening to the Stop Overdrinking course videos and teachings, as well as any buffering coaching calls, it actually makes me want to buffer/have a drink.

I’m trying to figure out why this would trigger drinking for me.

I thought maybe it’s that I’m exhausting my brain a bit and when it comes to following my plan, I’m just tired and don’t want to take the time to feel an urge. Or maybe the teachings are inputting thoughts into my mind, like “I want this” is a common one that comes up in calls and the videos, that then are somehow influencing my own thoughts.

I’m trying to determine the best plan of action for myself to be able to take in the information and reminders I need to keep me on track without allowing myself to get influenced in a negative way.

Any suggestions?