Second-guessing my decisions

This weekend I made plans to meet one of my friends Saturday and another friend on Sunday. The friend I wanted to meet Saturday cancelled our meeting shortly before the agreed time and a storm was forecasted for Sunday when I wanted to meet the other friend for a hike. I decided to change my plans and cancel the hike on Sunday and instead spend time with my family.
However, my brain constantly reminded me that I should not have cancelled the meeting with my friend, that she will be disappointed (especially since she did not respond to my message), and that the other option of spending my weekend would have been much better. I constantly had this battle within myself and although I coached myself, I was not able to change my thoughts. I knew that my thinking resulted in not being able to enjoy the option I picked. I could not change the thought of having failed to turn up for a date and that I made the “wrong” decision how to spend my weekend.
When Sunday evening my friend replied and told me that it’s totally fine and she is not disappointed at all, I got rid of my bad conscience.
Eventough I saw what I was creating with my thoughts, I was not able to transform them and I spent my weekend worrying. Could you share your thoughts how I could approach such a situation next time?

Thanks a lot!