Second guessing v improving

I’ve noticed a theme in my brain as I’m becoming more decisive, I’ll see an improvement to a decision and my brain will “should” on me for not having thought of it before. I need some help cleaning up the model here. The most recent example is the new website I’m building at work. As I went to write copy for one of the pages, I started questioning the organization of the site. Then I had an internal argument about whether to change it or move on. In favor of changing it is now that I know better, I should do better. In favor of moving on is I’m letting perfect get in the way of good enough. I tried putting it in the model and I am not seeing clearly how to parse it out.

C – I have the thought while writing copy for website “this would be better if it were organized this way”
T – I should have done better on the wireframe phase
F – inadequate
A – Revisit decision to structure this way. Judge myself for revisiting the decision. Ruminate on all the ways I’m not good at my job. Don’t write the copy. Don’t focus on the goal (get website live by 10/25). Project all the ways the website will fail and that I should fix it while I can.
R – ??

I was able to get the copy written because I promised I’d do it, but I’m still in the loop of the model above and hand-wringing over whether to change things only now I have the added guilt of having spent more time on this. It feels like white knuckling an urge to eat candy.

How do I know when these thoughts of how to improve something are indulgent perfectionism vs a good idea I want to adopt?