Secret Keepers

Thank you for addressing my questions!

I want to start a coaching biz that helps to move people ahead in life, beyond the fear & shame of secrets they are keeping and holding them back in life by safely sharing their secrets with me. Share your secret, free your shame, and renew your life.

1) Is this business idea scalable, given that it is primarily a one on one business model? I do see opportunities for one on one coaching, as well as potential to create groups based on the types of secrets people keep: Affairs, abortion/adoption, sexual abuse, betrayals, LGBTQ, as well as many others? Podcast with guest speaker opportunities? Do you see other scalable opportunities I’m not considering?

2) Do you think it will be harder for me to get clients to give online reviews or to give word of mouth advertising based on the shame-based nature of it and not wanting to tell others they have a shameful secret? Kind of like people not willing to review divorce attorneys in a public forum.

3) Do you think this is a good business idea?

4) The name I’m considering is Secret Keepers. Do you think this helps to convey the business idea and does so in a positive way?

5) Without a psychology degree, do you think people will be lesser inclined to use my business versus seeking out a trained
psychologist? Do I need to be I need an expert in each of these types of secrets in order to be the safe keeper of their secrets? Should I focus on only a few types of secrets?

6) How do I address any confidentiality legal concerns in any potential instances where someone’s secret may have crossed a legal line and I would have to go to the authorities?