Seeing clearly I am responsible for my model

Hi coaches, quick and easy question on the very basics of what you teach here: how can I fully get to see that my results are created by my thoughts? Say I have an easy time identifying my thought, like “my belly makes me less likable” or “This work project I have to do is completely useless” and also to identify the feelings they create, dejected and let down, respectively. What I have a hard time with, however, is really seeing 100% clearly that the thought is the only thing creating these feelings and my results, that that is optional, and a that different thought would really be able to make me feel something different. In other words I am still “into it”, still believing there is an inherent truth I am not willing to let go.

I am sure it is crucial when we want to practice new thoughts to be able to really see that a different experience in front of our circumstances is possible.
So my question is if there is something some reflection or material to gain this “awakening” if you wish. I can easily see how practicing new thoughts from there would be so much easier and effective. Thanks!