Seeing things different

My goal is to feel less stressed and resentful of management at work. I come home exhausted. Hospital morale is down, we are all overworked from a year of Covid overtime (6 days a week has been the norm) and watching our leaders working from home telling us to increase productivity and be more flexible with lack of space and computers due to offices being turned into patient rooms. I try to be upbeat, but then that too, zaps my energy. I have tried eating lunch in my car to avoid the lunchtime negativity, but that gets lonely. Trying to find new thoughts that won’t make me feel drained by it all. Any suggestions? “I am grateful I have a job, I am grateful I have my health, I am grateful I can help patients, I am grateful I have a safe clean work environment, I enjoy learning new things, etc”. But it doesn’t really get me the results of leaving work feeling like I am ready to do much else, but make dinner and go to bed for the next long day. Can you help me think about the situation in a different way, so I see things as less exhausting? Thx