Seeing two guys and honesty

I am new to dating and new to the idea and practice of polyamory. I have been on 4 dates with one guy (guy A) and 2 dates with another (guy B). I’ve slept with both of them and I really like spending time with both of them. They are wonderful.

The main stress I have now is that I lied to one of the guys. Guy A asked what I had been up to and I said I met with a pal for drinks, instead of the truth which was that I had met up with Guy B. So, there has been no conversation about exclusivity with either of them and I know in that respect it is not breaking rules, but also I do not want to lie to him. I really like how honest Guy A and I have been with each other about everything and I don’t want to get to know a false version of him or for him to get to know a version of me that does exist. But I thought he would be stressed out if I told him the truth about having gone on a date (obviously I could be wrong here, he might be chill). I am also afraid that he will not want to keep seeing me if I say I do not want to be exclusive (this is another thought I have with no evidence from him or what he is thinking).
Then there is another worry that if I make it clear I only want something non-exclusive, that that will change the dynamic and make things jealous/awkward.

There is also a part of me that DOES want to be in a committed exclusive arrangement maybe at some point in the future, but I don’t want to do it lightly or out of default. Also, at the moment I would want it with both guys equally.

I am not sure my question is. I guess the issue is I am not sure what it is I want right now, other than I know I want to be honest.