Seek out temptation?

Hi Brooke,
I asked you about my desire to give up sweeteners and you directed me to stop overdrinking. Thank you! I am working on allowing my urges and using the quick start materials.
I gone off plan a few times already and trying to not beat myself up just learn. I have two questions.
1)Each time I went off plan it started with the thought ‘just a taste’ where my intention was just to have the taste and move on. I know ‘just a taste’ a small spoonful of sugary granola or a sliver of brownie would have minimal impact on my weight loss so I justified it. Add to that I want to believe I have the self control to only have a taste. Some times it would be just that small amount and then I would tell myself ‘enough’ and walk away. Many times though I would stand at the counter and ‘sneak’ more thinking ‘just a little more’ until it would hit me that I was just numbing myself and I would stop with disgust. I’ve tried to change the disgust to acceptance so I don’t go to downward cycle but that also just seems to invite the pattern to restart. Yesterday I slivered off a 1/4 pan of brownies, stopped accepted moved on only to later do the whole thing again. I feel so ashamed and disappointed that I have so little control and where I was only 5# away from my goal in January I am now 13# away. It feels like a slippery slope and I am loosing confidence in myself. Any suggestion how to renew hope or combat that stubborn ‘just a taste’ thought pattern?
2) I no longer have any sweets in the house. I know you say to put yourself in situations where you are challenged. So should I buy something just to practice allowing the desire or should I take advantage of the lack of temptation and face whatever other desires may come up to overeat. I’m sure I could overeat on ground beef my weight gain can’t be solely due to sugar but at same time when I have sugar in the house I think about it constantly. I don’t eat out & I work from home so I don’t have any opportunity for temptations.