Seeking advice from the wrong source

C Advice sought
T Why did I fall for that again?
F Duped
A Blame self, punish, shame “you fell for it again!” sulk, complain, ruminate, have comebacks in my head, react shocked when I knew this was coming, angry, do this model, start planning long winded theatrical rebuttals and articles to write about this interaction, use this as material for artistic outlet, laugh- boost self and exaggerate my accomplishments, get haughty, plan to avoid this person in the future, use this as fuel to make declarations to avoid further wounding due to being told I’m too emotional for business, do this model, practice owning my “success” ? But I don’t feel successful when I scrap with angry bitter people- so I wait for the successful advisors that have less time to guide me so I know what is the right thing to do- seeking outside help instead of listening inward, continuing this spiral.
R righteous anger, observe pattern, move forward?