Seeking Apprenticeship

Hey Brooke,

Some time ago I sent you a question regarding should I offer my time to apprecntice for free with a TV director-producer and you answered excitedly ‘Yes!’

I am returning next week from vacation and want to send out that email to him.
When I think what can I mention of my relevant knowledge or experience, truly I do not know editing, producing, directing, working with camera, or any of those things (these are facts).
So I definitely don’t want to say I do know these things, but if I don’t, then what’s in it for him to have me around?
In trying to answer this to myself I come up with ‘Well, I’m a great team player, I’m a doer, I am smart, I have great ideas.’
But nothing else come to mind to generate more enthusiasm or real ‘meat’ so he will actually want to open his door to me.

Do you have any suggestions as to how should I present it to him?

With gratitude.

That Screenwriter