Seeking feedback on “rules” I’ve made for myself as I start doing models

I don’t have a lot of time under my belt doing models because I started SCS a week and a half ago. I’ve been doing them and benefiting from them. Once in the past 1.5 weeks I used “ask a coach” for feedback. While I was on that page I took a look at a few other “ask a coach” answers. Based on this, along with other reading and viewing of your materials, I’ve developed my own “rules” — or, more accurately: “rules in process” — for doing my models. Can you tell me what you think of these “rules in process” I’ve written for myself? Are there additional “rules” I should add to these? For ease of reading: my rules have ** on either side of them. My questions are in CAPS. Of course: feel free to comment on any of this.

C line: **be dispassionate and try my best to state only facts**. For example: “my son asks me for money” instead of “my son thinks he can ask me for money any time.” Another example: instead of “Friend and his brother are having challenges figuring out how to care for their disabled dad,” I revised it to this: “Friend and his brother are trying to figure out how to care for their disabled dad.” I think the preceding are good examples of editing out non-facts. ARE THE TWO PRECEDING EDITED EXAMPLES SUFFICIENTLY FACT-BASED, OR WOULD YOU SUGGEST MORE EDITS?

T line: **only one thought, from a thought download, or a thought I’m realizing in the moment**. Of course I can pick a thought from a thought download. But sometimes I realize I just had an unhelpful thought and I do a model without doing a download – WHAT FEEDBACK DO YOU HAVE ON PICKING A THOUGHT FOR A MODEL “IN THE MOMENT,” WITHOUT DOING A DOWNLOAD?

F line: ** only one feeling word per model. If I have a combination of feelings flowing from a thought — for example, both sadness and anger — put those two different feeling words in two different models**. WHAT IS YOUR OPINION OF MY “RULE”?

A line: **this line can be extensive, listing a number of different actions**. WHAT IS YOUR OPINION OF MY “RULE”?

R line: **if the ultimate outcome of a particular situation is as-yet unknown, then the result can be a summative statement of the various things in the A line**. For example: C: son asked for money; ex-husband told me I’m irresponsible; almost every night I go over my boyfriend’s even though sometimes I’m very tired; T (from a thought download): everyone wants a piece of me; F: beleaguered; A: tired and want a nap, forlornly add actions to my to-do list, “force myself” to do an action; R: energy deficit. WHAT IS YOUR OPINION OF MY “RULE”?