seeking feedback on two models: one unintentional, one intentional

Hi. Can you give me feedback on the following two models, one unintentional and one intentional? I’m asking for feedback on my model-process. I am not asking for feedback on the content – which I acknowledge is troubling. It’s about my son in college, on the other side of the country, where he’s been accused of sexual misconduct, has lost all his friends, and is feeling suicidal. I don’t believe he did anything egregious btw (but I’m his dad so am inclined to think that). Anyway, here goes.

C: Chet was suicidal; last I heard (yesterday afternoon) he was alive.
T: Chet is struggling.
F: anxiety, responsibility.
A: rushing into doing stuff to “help” w/out considering myself – pouring fr/empty cup, depleting myself.
R: not doing things for me, including my health and my business.

C: Chet was suicidal last Friday night; last I heard (yesterday afternoon) he was alive.
T: I choose to believe the working hypothesis that Chet will be okay.
F: resilient.
A: taking care of myself first before doing my actions in relation to his crisis.
R: more centered than otherwise