Seeking further guidance on "massive action" part of #4 of our homework for each day in March.

The fourth thing we are to do each day is “Answer each of these (conflicting) sentences with an alternative thought and a massive action to counter it.” I understand the part about answering the conflicting sentences with an alternative thought, but I don’t get what is meant by answering with massive action.

For example, my new sentence is “I make $250,000 per year working 3 days per week.” One of my conflicting thoughts is “That’s not possible for 2019.” My answer to that conflicting thought is “Sure, it’s possible. Anything is possible and plenty of people are already doing this.” What I don’t get is what massive action, other than the massive actions I am already taking, I’m supposed to be doing. Also, all the massive action steps I come up with for each of my conflicting sentences are things I’m already doing to move toward my goal.

Is there a better way to understand this so I get maximum benefit out of this part of the homework? Thanks!