Seeking "permission" for a thought of radical self-support

I would like “permission” to think thoughts that radically support myself when I am in the face of rejection by people I love.
My history was to be the family scapegoat.
I grew up blaming myself for causing others to reject me.

I want to stop that now.

Recently two very significabt people in my life have rejected me.

I do not wabt to be stuck in pain or in trying to change myself for them.

I want to believe the following: I am a great friend, I deserve unconditional love and affection, as do all people. I make msitakes and I deserve to be forgiven for them. I do not have to be superhuman in order to have friendships and love. I do not have to be perfect. I deserve love, community, and a sense of safety and belonging. I am a wonderful, generous and giving friend, and people are crazy for walking away from me.

what are your thoughts