Seeking pleasure by frivolous spending

I like to seek temporary and immediate pleasure with frivolous spending – this week it’s this item and the next week is another and it just seems never enough. This habit has been going on for years and I really don’t know how other people break this habit:

C: buy X to feel happy
T: omg, I am so happy about the purchase but I just spent so much money that I am not supposed to
F: anxious, shame and guilt
A: I started to blame myself and think there’s something wrong with me. I am reluctant to explore what truly underlines these spendings.
R: spend more to feel better and being in the cycle

Intentional model
C: Trigger on buying things
T: I am enough
F: fulfilled, happy and peaceful
A: I explore what’s truly making me happy, valuing my long-term goals and grateful of what I have
R: no longer buying frivolously (putting this first)

I was wondering does will it help to reach my intentional model by deleting all the subscriptions from my emails from those shops and vendors? Or should I just do nothing and rely on my model to help me?