Seemingly Small Dare Turned Out Huge

Hi Brooke,

Yesterday I chose my dare – honor and complete everything on my calendar.

Maybe it sounds like a too little of a dare but I found it extraordinary and telling about myself.

I always take the time on Sunday to review my upcoming week and schedule work time, exercise, meal times, even reading time.
With the dare of the day that I had in mind for Monday I went ahead and scheduled precise and challenging tasks, and put the ones I fret doing most, first thing in the morning.

Most times I opt for a cats or puppies video that YouTube subscription just emailed me, or hey, the laundry is calling, or I much rather watch a one-hour TV episode than writing one, and so I end up days on end, consuming rather than creating.

I ended up feeling so confident that I followed through on my agenda, that I completed time I blocked for writing and did it anyway, that I made it to my exercise appointment with myself, that basically, the way I saw my ideal day unfolds before me when I put those things on the calendar had manifested and made me realize that I can trust myself in following through, and that it feels so good and builds my self-image when I do what I set out to do.

A seemingly small dare turned out to be huge.