Segment about binge eating on one of the previous calls

Hi Brooke,

I am working on overeating. I am 5’2″. I started at 145 and I am now at 135. I want to lose another 10 pounds. I still do binge. However, my binges are improving: I am staying more conscious and also bouncing back sooner each time. I am also able to learn from these events now, unlike in the past. I’m excited for the masterclass material because I think the planned binge will help me.

You had discussed binge eating in one of our SCS calls either last month or the month before. I really liked it and I need to listen to that segment again. I was hoping that you or one of the students could tell me which call it was on.

The calls are so amazing. I wonder if you would consider having descriptions of topics discussed after each archived call, similar to the description of topics in the stop-overdrinking calls. This would be so helpful for us to refer back when needed.

Brooke, this program is wonderful! I am loving all the changes that I am able to make. Thank you so much !!