Hi Brooke! First of all, thank you so much for developing this program. I am a long time listener, but have noticed some real differences now that I am actively applying the material. Second, I am beginning to see some underlying themes in my thought downloads, which are leading me to think that the biggest problem might be that I don’t really like myself. But it never starts out like that, the thought downloads seem to focus on thoughts that I have about other people or situations, and then tend to turn more to all the things I dislike about myself. And I have found that when I do a thought download about wanting to eat something that is off protocol, that I have a similar sort of result– initially, lots of obsession about the food but then a lot of thoughts about things I don’t like like about myself. Could it be a problem with self-acceptance? It seems a little too cliche. Plus, honestly, I have a really good life… How do I dive deeper with these thought downloads?