Self Beating

Hi Brooke, The video call helped me recognize this beat up self habit is a big part of me. I have done it all my life. I know it is there . Now I am drawing that line in the sand. Is this habit a way to buffer? Is it a form of addiction. Is it a misguided strategy for self discipline? Is it totally connected to self lovability. You will say ‘just stop it’ but do I need to recognize my motives for doing it to reveal the ways it surfaces?
C. Creative Work
T. This work isn’t good enough
F. Dissapointed
A. Push myself harder. Beat self up.
R. Panic attack

C. Creative Work
T. My work is a process
F. Acceptance
A. Keep working
R. Relaxed working
I find the A and R lines in my models sometimes are similar. ? It is those two lines that I need clarification on. Also there is no use just making up an action to fill in the line it has to be real!