Self coaching

This is a model check. For some context, my friend is not in SCS but has listened to one or two episodes of Brooke’s podcast because I shared them.

C: friend sent me a video
T: I almost ruined my friendship over that stupid video
F: relieved
A: email my friend after a long conversation last night to tell him how glad I am we talked, message my friend this more with a short version of the email, ruminate over why I didn’t just leave well enough alone
R: I create an atmosphere that could cause me to lose my friendship with this person

C: My friend said some words including some like, “You said you were a scholar I expect different from you “
T: oh shiddddd he expects me to comport myself different from others
F: Anxious
A: become almost mute the rest of the conversation, get in my head about what led to this conversation,
R: I don’t show up like myself