Self-Coaching Through Co-Parenting Anxiety

I have been anxious for about 4 days now and today it finally dawned on me to run a Model…I did, and while I don’t feel better yet, I have a thought that will help get me there.

Can you take a look at my work laid out and let me know any areas I can dig into more?

Thank you so much for these tools. My #1 goal is my business but I continue to see the effects of this work in my personal life.

Here is my work…

—my 14 year old got suspended from school after winter break tickets with her grandpa had already been purchased
—her Dad (who has been her full time parent for 11 months) decided he didn’t want her to go on the trip with my father
—I decided to send her anyways and tell him about 3 days into the 7 day trip.
—he is threatening that the authorities will get involved

My feelings:

—he’s bullying me
—He can’t do anything to me
—he uses fear to get his way
—maybe I did something wrong
—this is going to make co-parenting less amicable
—I’m glad I sent lexi
—he never punished or re-Inforced my punishment for 13 years…I don’t need to punish her on my time either

Unintentional model
T he is bullying me
F defensive
A respond to his texts arrogantly
R he texts more and I have a feeling each time

Intentional model
T I’ll figure things out as it comes up
F confident, self-trusting
A live my life
R handle anything that happens with a clear mind and neutral feelings

I believe your advice would be to get clear on the worst case possibility and be okay with my ability to handle it.

I thought I had done that but I still feel feelings…and I’d rather not.

Maybe that is just the human experience though…🤔