Self-Coaching for the Creative Writer

Hi Brooke,

Thank you for the mind-blowing work that you do. I signed up a week ago to Self Coaching Scholars and after spending untold hours reading and watching your material, I felt as if I was going just a little bit insane, simply by watching my thoughts as if they belonged to some separate entity of myself.

Working with your self-coaching model, I tried to apply it to my pursuit of creative writing, an activity I often get anxiety over whenever I cannot find my next plot or dialogue.

The other day I was sitting to write and nothing came to my mind. Anxiety washed over me again, along with self doubt thoughts about the pursuit of writing itself and my worth as a writer, though unlike other times, this time I allowed these thoughts to come, body temperature to rise, and unease vibration to occur. I sat with these feelings for good twenty minutes and then decided to choose to think positive thoughts, ‘I’ve written before, I got this, this is what I was brought to this world to do…’

The problem is that unlike in eating or drinking, it did not generate any action after this process. That is, I still could not have come up with ideas to advance the plot I am working on. What would you suggest should be my final step in this process in order to enable to actually generate writing?

With gratitude.