Self-coaching habit

When I first started SCS, I had a lot of open time in my schedule as I waited to start a new job. Now I’m back to working full-time, and I have other goals I want to pursue as well. My SCS fell off, and I can notice the change. Here are some of my thoughts around it:

-Self-coaching takes a long time
-To be effective, I need at least 1-2 hours a day
-I can’t unpack what I need to in my own mind in 10 minutes
-It’s better to ignore my brain than unpack something just to have it follow me around all day without time to process and deal with it

But at the same time, I’m not getting the results I want because of it: not following my calendar is the main one. I’m finally sitting down to do some self-coaching, but am doing it during a time when I planned something else. So I’m just proving to myself that I can’t take care of my responsibilities and self-coach.