Self-Coaching on Relationship Status

I was listening to a business training and heard a good question that I decided to apply to my dating life:  What thoughts are creating your current results?

R: No high value men showing up
-No high value men exist
-No high value men of my faith exist
-men don’t see me/notice me
-I’m not their first choice (because of my race and my weight)
-sad, why bother, give up
-hopeless, what’s the point
-anger, frustration
-sad, ashamed, not good enough, injustice

A: show up muted in the world in my interactions with men (because what’s the point? ); hide my own light; doubt that I’ll ever meet the right person; get frustrated with online dating; inconsistent with online dating

With this awareness, where do I go from here? I already created a belief plan for meeting my soulmate. Thank you.