Self Coaching Scholar End of Year One Project

Hi Brooke,

I would like to commit to completing a script as a Self Coaching Scholar end of year one project.

I think it will be a statement of the set of skills I have acquired over this year, some of which are:
Doing hard thing.
Feeling all emotions on purpose.
Committing to completing projects.
Honoring decisions ahead of time.
Creating value.
Feeling discomfort and writing anyway.
Be willing to write B- work just to complete a script.
Creating a stronger relationship with my Self, my Future Self, and my Future Future Self.
Not Buffering.
And more.

I would like for you to hold me accountable for delivering this script to you upon the completion of my year as a scholar.
I believe a ‘fine’ of money will be a good motivator for me, but I want to know whether you will honor charging me if I fail to deliver.

So there is a reason I put my question here rather than emailing to you directly. It’s a declaration for my fellow scholars tribe. And for myself.

Would you be willing to assist me with that and what are the terms we can agree on?

That Screenwriter