Self Coaching Scholars vs. Certification

I’ve written this almost every morning and deleted it every morning in some sort of form, I wish I could talk to someone to help me make a sane decision – I really want Brooke to say “yes I should do this, you are crazy not to!!” or “No, you need to get off your high horse and become the person you want your clients to be first, like are you kidding?”

I say to myself “get real – this is absolutely crazy, just sit back and don’t get ahead of myself for the first time in my life. Do all the work with self coaching scholars and when the next time certification rolls around I can do it. For now, I need to get myself to a good place first. I’ve been wreck-less with my money hiring coaches and the next shiny pebble syndrome and getting no where” it’s me that needs to be “fixed” first! I need to be walking the talk 100% not 80% of the time.

The other part of my brain says: OMG this is it, it’s now or never, if I wait another 6+ months (don’t know when the next certification is) I won’t be able to do this work for at least another 1+ yr! I’ve already wasted soooo much time!!! You know you don’t want to die with regrets! I’m 52 and feeling the pressure of that I wasted so much time of my life and let all my circumstances control me these last 4 yrs that here I go again doing the same thing.

What advice would you give to someone that just said all that cr#p? lol I think I know the answer but I’d love for you to surprise me with your brilliant mind!