Self Coaching- Starting on the A-line with behavior patterns


Today I attempted to start a model on the A-line based on a pattern I’ve picked up on my behavior. The patterned behavior I’ve noticed about myself is that I am often moving on or completing the next task before I’m done with the current one. I then tried to flesh that out and give concrete examples of my doing that recently. I think perhaps some of this behavior is being fueled by a feeling of pressure (thinking time is a precious resource, get a lot done now), but it also might be some false optimism that I am capable of multi-tasking. I think some of this comes down to constraint and focus. Interested to hear your thoughts on starting from the A-line and how to flesh out a model from there. What questions will help me go deeper?

C- To-Do List
T- There is so much to do. Why don’t I just knock out a few other things while I’m doing this?
F- Pressure?
A- Pattern- I am moving on or completing the next task before completing the one I’m doing; I’ll be baking muffins with my daughter and I will think because I am baking and in the kitchen, that I should also be cooking dinner; I’m brewing coffee, so I feel the need to also put away the dishes, fill up the water container in the fridge, etc (some of this is fine and habit, but sometimes doing these tasks delay me from getting started); When I’m writing, I’ll go onto the next line and next thought before finishing the one I’m on; I will be shopping for something online, and then have a thought that I need something else, and then open up another internet tab to start looking for the next thing
R- Many half-done projects, or sometimes a mess up because I leave something out