Self-Coaching When Sick

I’ve been in SCS for three months! I am loving it. However, during this time I’ve been sick with different colds/flus for two out of my three months. I find I make SO much progress when I feel well. I know it has to do with physical symptoms – I have more energy when well, sleep better etc… But I’m starting to really struggle with coaching myself and have been giving up early in the day, which results in me spiraling into self-pity and depression. It usually starts in the morning and the model I am looking at looks like this….

C: sinus infection, headache, fatigue, pain
T: I’m still sick, it’s not normal to be sick so often, I don’t want to do anything today, I don’t know what else I can do to get better
F: depressed
A: focus on symptoms
R: let my illness affect my mental health by not managing my mind

C: sinus infection, headache, fatigue, pain
T: I can calm my mind and push away my brain’s focus on my illness
F: ??
A: Gently push away negative thoughts about my illness, focus on thinking positively about recovery.
R: manage my mind so I can rest when needed and make the most of my days

When I’ve been well in scholars, I’ve made leaps and bounds. But I constantly hold myself back from managing my mind when I’m sick. I start the day super negative and by the end of the day I’m so upset and feel like I’ve failed. Any advice would be so appreciated.