Self-coaching when things are ok

This month’s topic has got me thinking: How do you coach yourself when things are pretty good in your life? I find that I often turn up to my 20 minute coaching session saying “I don’t really know what I want coaching on because things are pretty good,” (which I know is totally fine – and just a thought!) because I try not to sweat the small stuff. So there feels like a lack of urgency to address issues though if I really focused on them, thought about them and analysed them, there may be some agitation but I don’t want to waste the emotional energy. Sometimes I feel weary from feeling like I’m hustling to achieve and just want to be where I am.

For example if I look at the areas of my life in terms of what I have and > where I could improve :
– Money: I have enough, I’ve never gone broke and can generally buy something if I really want it > It would be nice to have more for increased financial security and fun
– Work: my business is successful and has survived for 10 years and is pretty cruisy > I could work smarter and more effectively and increase revenue if I focus more
– Home: I have a roof over me in a great neighbourhood and I rent so I don’t have the expense of paying rates or for upkeep > It would be fun and more secure to have my own home (maybe)

And I could go on like that for my health, family, relationship etc.

It’s not that I don’t want to achieve and I have experienced lots of growth over the past 18 months since being in scholars, I’m not sure if I’m constantly interrupting models so things aren’t so much a problem / drama like they would’ve been in the past.

Does that make sense?