Self compassion

I’ve noticed that in the evenings I am feeling uncomfortable emotions and instead of relaxing into them I am resisting. I come home to want to study more. Eat chocolate because it’s handy and feel so tired that I don’t want to deal with my emotion. So I am onto something. There is a need in me trying to be processed. The need of self confidence that I am going to be okay doing things alone.

Part of being single has taught me that these are times for me to meet my own needs. Choose to love myself. Enjoy the courting process but not get involved with anyone that forces me to want and do more for them that I do for me. It’s a being true to myself process. Accountability that I won’t abandon myself in the process of loving another.

So what is my prefrontal cortex going to decide to do when I am resisting? How Would I learn to feel my feelings without buffering. How would search for calls on buffering in coaching replays to listen to coaching on this?

I have been in this mode for a long time. So it will take a while for my lymbic system to kick in to slow down to feel those emotions. For me I feel best when I feel the emotion while I am moving. At the gym while doing weights and looking myself in the mirror is one of the best processing times. Interesting that I can’t be always still to process and emotions as most people prescribe.
It’s a process I know and practice.

I am going to choose to think that I am learning to have less resistant and more compassion for self as I learn to process my emotions.

Please recommend sources inside and outside of scholars that can help me have more of that compassion as I resist less and feel more.