Self-confidence and self-judgment at the same time

I feel good about what I do, how I share it, know when I am good at something, and easily accept praise and compliments, believing them. I know I’m sharing value, I don’t ‘need’ the praise or compliments, but happy to hear it’s helping people. I realized after listening to several different coaching calls lately that my harsh self-judgment is my problem. It’s driving my choices and it’s at the heart of my buffering and difficulty making healthy changes, I have never seen this before because I have always felt self-confident.

My clients will do what I suggest and get amazing results, and then I wonder why I can’t do these things myself to feel better and make changes, the judging and buffering begin. I get caught up in my enormous expectations of myself and go off grid completely, then say I’ll just start over again tomorrow. Rinse. Repeat. No healthy changes, beating myself up, clients doing amazing.

Meanwhile, I am addicted to SCS:) It’s all so inspiring. All of you coaches are so amazing, how you coach with such compassion and simplicity. I try to apply the coaching in my own life, but am still trying to do everything and change everything, and irritated when I’m not following through for myself. All while knowing I’m pretty darn good at helping my clients, agh!