Self Confidence at Work Win

Hi Coaches, I had a win this week in the self confidence department that I wanted to share. I’ve struggled with self confidence and as a result typically found it easy to believe other people’s criticisms about me. I didn’t realize how much power I was giving other people! Many of my dares this month have revolved around my job and managing my thoughts regarding my boss. On an extremely busy day this week, she criticized me regarding a phone conversation with a potential client. Now I should tell you my boss easily finds fault with her employees and voices them regularly, many of which have little if any merit. I’ve learned, however, that criticism of others is her way of protecting herself, that deep down she lacks self confidence and therefore doesn’t encourage it in others. Learning this had made dealing with her easier because that’s such a sad way to live. I feel good when I support other people. How bad must she feel about herself to put people down? There was a time when criticized I would quickly apologize and feel mortified.

This was not one of those times! I was calm but I let my boss know in no uncertain times that I did not appreciate her comments nor did I deserve them. I am not perfect but I do a great job and will not allow her to shake my self confidence. I own it and she knew it. I’m ending this month learning how much self confidence can do! Part of my Impossible Goal is leaving that job and becoming a full time writer, but I believe the reason I’m still there is to grow stronger and learn valuable life lessons that I will take into my own business. Developing my self confidence little by little makes me think my Impossible Goal, the ULTIMATE DARE, may not be so impossible after all:)
Thanks so much!