Self Confidence in Job

Hi all,

last week when listing the things I had self confidence in, as per the homework, I included my job but my reason was because I’d been doing it for years and received positive feedback. I was basing it on my results, which I didn’t think we were supposed to do but I wasn’t entirely sure why I had self confidence in my job until just a few days ago when I found out a new coworker went to the boss with a few complaints about the front desk girls, of which I happen to be one.

Now there was a time when I would have been angry and upset that a coworker would do that but instead I just thought, well, she has the right to think/feel/say what she wants and I don’t get my self confidence from her or anyone else. I know my worth as an employee (and person).
I was accepting of the situation, something I wouldn’t have been if I didn’t truly have self confidence in my work or a better managed mind.
It would be awesome if everyone recognized and appreciated our efforts, but it’s realistic and okay that they all don’t (I’m grateful that so many of my coworkers do. I appreciate them even more now). I also could honestly answer why I have confidence in work! Win! Win!

Now I’m daring myself to maintain that positive attitude with the aforementioned co-worker:)
Thank you so much!!!