Self Confidence Q

Hi Brooke, I am returning to some of last months work about self confidence. I am doing this as I am delivering a talk this evening. The Q is in week 4. ‘What do people think about you now.’ My answer is that they think I am self confident, capable, grounded and successful! This is where I create the fear. Obviously. My Q is if I think others see me differently to how I do because I am not quite believing it. I want to deliver tonight from a place of self confidence.
C. Public speaking
T. They all think I am confident!
F. Fear
A. Tell myself that they don’t know how uncomfortable I am speaking
R. Nerves affect my voice

C. Public speaking
T. It is important what I think
F. Self trust
A. Decide my thinking is what is important
R deliver without anxiety

So it seems I put more importance on what others think!